Josh Duggar and family
Josh Duggar and family.Instagram

The Duggars, who are still reeling from the aftermath of Josh Duggar's cheating scandal, are reportedly trying to persuade Anna to forgive Josh and avoid a divorce at any cost.

The Duggars rose to fame through the now cancelled TLC show "19 Kids and Counting", where they promoted their Christian way of life. But their brand suffered serious damages earlier this year when it was revealed that Josh used to molest his sisters as a teenager. A few months later, the Ashley Madison hacking scandal revealed yet another truth about Josh -- he was cheating on his pregnant wife.

Josh has since checked into a rehab facility to deal with his issues, and his wife Anna has moved back with her parents. But Josh isn't yet ready to give up on his marriage.

According to a HollywoodLife report, Josh doesn't want to lose Anna, and he is depending on his parents to convince Anna not to leave him.

"Josh is convinced that he is a changed man. At least that's what he's been telling Anna," an insider told the media outlet. "He says that he can't live without her and that Jesus has restored him. That he will make it up to her and the kids. He says he's ready to start his life over with her and the family. He's terrified of losing her and is hoping that his parents can convince her not to leave him."

Reportedly, Duggar patriarch Jim Bob bought the couple a brand new house in a bid to convince Anna to stay with his troubled son. But Anna isn't impressed.

"A big fancy house is not that impressive, and (Anna) says she simply can't be bought," another source told HollywoodLife. "Anna has a new sense of self and isn't going to put on the happy family show just to please her in-laws. She feels like they are more concerned with image than with the reality of the situation."