Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho hailed the teams Capital One Cup victory of Tottenham as a perfect day.

John Terry put the Blues ahead just before half time, with an own goal from Spurs Kyle Walker making it 2-0.

For me its important to feel Im still a kid, even at 52 years of age: its important that, before the game, I had the same feelings as ahead of my first final all those years ago, and to feel the same happiness after the victory, he told the news conference after the match.

I know I have a team to build, which is what were doing, but its difficult for me to live without titles, even with all the work to be stable that we are doing. I need to feed myself with titles.

This is important for me and the boys. For the club its one more cup, but its the first one of a new team. You have Petr Cech, John Terry, Didier Drogba and, after that, everybody belongs to a new generation of players. So, as a team, very important.

The perfect day was to win the final but I had prepared the players for an impossible mission, which was not knowing the City result, forgetting City, he said.

I didnt want the television in the hotel or on the bus. I told them I didnt want any kind of manifestation or disappointment if City scored in the last minute, or if Liverpool won. I wanted complete silence, he added.