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With the "Games of Thrones" season 5 premiering this Sunday, April 12, famous talk show host Seth Meyers invited Jon Snow, aka Kit, Harrington over to his place for dinner. But he isn't quite a guest when it comes to having small talks with everyone.

The viral video starts off as the guests at the dinner talk about Spring that has finally arrived in the city but Harrington, playing the very-serious Jon Snow, quoted the famous tagline "Winter is coming" which really wasn't what the guests had expected.

Though the guests tried to cheer Jon (Kit) up, he affirmed that they won't be laughing when the "White Walkers rip them limb from limb"! Seth changed the topic to wine and only for Jon to remark that he is the bastard son of Lord Stark. When another one asked him about his family, Jon became all emotional and ended up saying that his father's head was chopped off and his brother was murdered at his own wedding.

Seth pulled him off the dinner to say that small talks include things like "what do you do for a living, do have any siblings, etc". But Jon is in no mood to behave. As soon as he is back to the table he scares the guests by saying that it is so cold at the wall that it will make their "little p**cks fall off".

But then he does realise he hasn't been acting very good so he apologises by saying that "work has been stressful". The guests urge him to go on with his story so Jon acts out all the memorable scenes from the four seasons, including King Jeoffrey's death.

Aftre his performance, one of the guests jokes 'That should be a series of books', as Jon comically adds: 'Nah, I think it'd make a better TV show'. The twist comes when at the end another one asks about his mother. Jon replies, 'Well, I've thought about it a lot, and I'm 100% certain...' but is interrupted as everyone decide to play dumb charades.

Jon is equally poor at the game when Seth remarks "You know nothing Jon Snow" and the video ends on this note. Watch the whole episode in the video below.

Seth Brings Jon Snow to a Dinner Party - Late Night with Seth MeyersYouTube