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Raju Murugan, who struck gold with his debut movie "Cuckoo," is back with his second outing "Joker." While his first film was a romantic drama, the latest flick is a political satire in which Guru Somasundaram of "Jigarthanda" fame plays the lead role.

Joker Movie Review

Ramya Pandian is doing the female lead role in the movie, which has Gayathri Krishna, Ramasamy, Bava Chelladurai and others in the cast. Sean Soldan is the music director of "Joker" and his four songs like "Ennanga Sir Unga Sattam," "Ola Ola Kudisayila," "Jasmine –U" and "Mannar Mannan Theme" have turned out to be chartbusters. Chezhiyan is the cinematographer and Shanmugam Velusamy is the editor of the Tamil flick.

"Joker" attempts to highlight the current societal issues and projects the political situation of the country. The story is being narrated from the view of a 40-year old man. Guru Somasundaram plays the role of Mannar Mannan, who works in a water company. His simple questions about politics are presented in humorous way.

Despite being a hard-hitting and message-oriented flick, "Joker" entertains the viewers with lots of comedy and leaves the audience wondering why they cannot dismiss a government if they have the power to elect it.

The movie has garnered good response for its trailer and audio. The audience hope that it will live up to their expectations. Find what they think about the movie below:

Rajasekar: #Joker - Whip-smart writing of Raju Murugan is a big plus. Esp climax dialogue is a tight slap on the society and system. #Bold
#Joker -After Cuckoo,RajuMurugan once again bridged the gap between literary writing & film making. Must watch @im_kesavanM @AjithSiva28

Sreedhar Pillai: #Joker 3.5/5. Gem of a film told in a ultra realistic manner #RajuMurugan. A political satire, told in a touching manner with a solid script
#Joker 3.5/5.Needs guts 2 make such a relevant film on sanitation.V have smart phones but only 60% India's population has access 2 a toilet
#Joker - 3.5/5. Nothing is exaggerated, taken from real life incidents like a bride demanding her husband's home has basic toilet facilities
#Joker 3.5/5. #Somasundaram & rest of actors aptly cast. #SeanRoldan's music a major + Chezhiyan camera in sync with the theme & location.
#Joker 3.5/5. Needs a bit of trimming (2 hrs 10 minutes) in the 1st half, to make it appealing to international & festival circuit audiences
#Joker 3.5/5. Hats off to producers #DreamWarriorPictures & @prabhu_sr 4 backing this realistic at the same time meaningful project.

Ramesh Bala: #Joker [3.5/5]: A Good Satirical (1st Half) and Emotional (2nd Half) movie about how da system exploits poor ppl.. Bold & sharp dialogues
#Joker [3.5/5]: Fine and natural acting by the ensemble cast.. #GuruSomasundaram is excellent as the lead actor.. Ample support from rest
#Joker [3.5/5] : Music Dir @RSeanRoldan songs go well with the movie.. DOP @Rchezhi 's visuals r neat.. Crisp 2 hrs 10 mins running time..
#Joker [3.5/5]: Dir #RajuMurugan has written screenplay & dialogues keeping topical issues in mind.. Kudos for being bold.. RECOMMENDED

Kaushik (LMK): It takes immense guts to make a film like #Joker. Hard hitting & satirical social commentary. Raju Murugan stands tall. Kudos to the makers
Somasundaram & such lovely unknown actors in #Joker The romance & marriage scenes work well in the 2nd half. Toilet scenes were disturbing!
.@RSeanRoldan makes the experience so moving with his stupendous music - songs and RR. He's the key man for #Joker..

Shankar Ganesh: #Joker loaded with powerful one-liners. Enjoying every bit of it.
#Joker has a strong content....

Haricharan Pudipeddi: #Joker at interval. Loving it to the core. Such a smart political satire and it raises pertinent questions without being controversial.

Siddharth: Waiting to watch #Joker for the awesome Somu's performance and of course @rseanroldan Go watch it. #Independent Tamil cinema!

Common Man Sathish: #Joker First half - Power of a Common Man & Social media influence is portrayed with bold political dialogues
#Joker - One of the boldest ever political satire movie with emotional love story.