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Even before the filming for Todd Phillips' ambitious project Joker, his decision to shoot it like an "independent film" attracted talented actors from across Hollywood to audition for various parts. One of the stars was Josh Pais, who played Arthur Fleck's boss in the movie.

Josh Pais is described as "that guy" in the industry. Pais holds the proud title of appearing in multiple films over his career spanning thirty-plus years. The actor has appeared in films like Scream 3 and also played Raphael in the 1990's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Speaking to THR about his recent role in Joker, Pais recalled his experience auditioning for the part. The actor revealed being drawn towards the project on learning that Joaquin Phoenix was a part and the movie would be shot like an independent film.

"I was like, 'I just have to be in this'," said Pais. "I auditioned once with casting directors, and they were enthusiastic. They gave it to Todd, and then I had a meeting with Todd. He said, 'I loved your tape. I just want to make sure that you're not an asshole because one person on set can really ruin the whole vibe of the thing'. Joaquin told Todd, 'I don't care who you cast, just make sure everybody is a really good actor — and no assholes'. So, I guess I passed the test. That makes it official, right?"

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Movie
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However, earlier reports suggest that Phoenix and De Niro did not get along very well. The two actors got into confrontations but the issue was later resolved with De Niro even giving Phoenix a kiss on the cheek.

The two actors, playing characters opposite to each other did not engage in talking to each other a lot on set due to their methods and approach to preparing for their roles. In the end, no onset problems affected the performances of actors as Phoenix's performance is being termed by critics as Oscar-worthy.

Joker is in theatres worldwide.