John Watson and Sherlock Holmes
John Watson and Sherlock HolmesBBC One screengrab

A new video featuring a slideshow of photos, from Sherlock Holmes's best friend John Watson's wedding to Mary Morstan, has been put up by BBC.

The clip, titled "Shelock's wedding video", predominantly features scenes from the second episode, centering on Watson's big day.

The slideshow shows the happy couple John-Mary, with occasional pops of Mrs Hudson, Molly and Lestrade. While Holmes looks left out in the initial scenes, the album ends with a picture of the super-sleuth and Watson together, reverberating the obvious - the inherent bromance.

Meanwhile, "Sherlock" creators Mark Gratiss and Steven Moffat have revealed that the fourth season of the crime drama series has been conceptualised. During the screening of "The Sign of Three", the duo told Wales Online that the adventures of the detective and friend Watson in "Sherlock" season 4 have been mapped during a train journey.

"It was a very strange day... and we mapped out the whole thing in one exciting journey," said Gratiss.

Meanwhile Moffat added that the detective duo's further adventures had come accidentally to them. "We hadn't meant to at all. It's some of the best stuff we've ever come up with."

Previously, during the shooting of "Sherlock" season 3, lead actor Benedict Cumberbatch had revealed to The Radio Times UK that apart from season 3, more episodes have been planned.

"We've agreed to two more series but I could get into trouble for saying that...All I know at the moment is I'm doing these three (episodes of season 3) and another three."