Taylor Swift was "brutal" to her ex, Calvin Harris, and the Scottish DJ's friend, John Newman, is still unhappy about it. The Blame singer said in an interview that he's no longer talking to Swift after her camp got quite aggressive when Harris' song, This is what you came for, was released. 

Newman, in an interview with The Sun on Sunday, spoke about his tweet that gained fans' attention. Newman added, "When I tweeted that, there was a text almost immediately from Calvin. He was like, 'Down. Now'."

The 26-year-old singer earlier congratulated Harris, Rihanna and Swift, who wrote the lyrics and sang parts of the song under the pseudonym, Nils Sjöberg. Although Newman deleted his tweet, the Blank Space singer's camp later asked Harris to acknowledge her contribution to the song. 

"I don't agree with what's gone on... but I shouldn't comment further. I wouldn't know her well enough, weirdly. She's in another world," Newman said.

Newman said he's still a fan of Swift and added that her next album would be a hit even if it's based on her relationship with Harris. 

The Love Me Again singer said that he shares a very close relationship with Harris, who has inspired him in many ways. Newman, who is about to be operated upon for a brain tumour, revealed the Scottish DJ has helped him get better. 

"Calvin is my main inspiration in all of this. The way he got so healthy and inspired and focused, his friendship has been everything to me. I'm changing my lifestyle for ever. I want to come back with the best album I've ever made," Newman added.