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After the success of "Force," "Force 2" is being made and filmmaker Nishikant Kamat feels that the sequel will be much "bigger" and "better" than the original. "Force" was directed by Nishikant but "Force 2" is being made by Abhinay Deo. Although Nishikant is not directing the sequel, he is confident that "Force 2" starring John Abraham will be an even bigger hit.

'Force 2' should do much better than 'Force.' It is a franchise and secondly, it is being directed by a very good director. It will be bigger. I hope it becomes much bigger than 'Force,'" Nishikant told International Business Times India.

Earlier, Nishikant had said that he had opted out of "Force 2" as he did not want to direct a similar movie after having made "Force."

"If you see my slate of films, all the six films I have done are radically apart from each other. 'Force 2' was an extension of 'Force,' so I wasn't excited about it. I like to do different films and not similar ones. Not that the film or its script was bad, but personally I wasn't excited because there was nothing new that I could offer to the film. I was doing 'Rocky Handsome' already, so I told John to continue with another director who is more excited to do the film and he agreed," Nishikant had told Bollywoodlife earlier.

Now latest rumours suggest that Abhinay had approached Genelia D'Souza to play a cameo in the movie. She had played the female lead in "Force" and her character had died in the climax of the film. Sonakshi Sinha will be seen as the lead actress in "Force 2." On the other hand, Nishikant's latest movie "Madaari" hit the screens on July 22.