Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas with Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner at US Open 2018
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas with Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner at US Open 2018.Instagram

Joe Jonas who was recently in India to attend brother Nick's "dream wedding" to actress Priyanka Chopra recently revealed how he was "overwhelmed with emotion" while delivering his best man's toast.

Priyanka, 36 wed pop star Nick, 26 last weekend. The couple first exchanged vows in a Christian ceremony performed by the groom's father, Nick Jonas Sr. This was followed by a traditional Hindu wedding the next day. The bridal couple along with their guests also partook in a number of traditional pre-wedding ceremonies.

Speaking to NBC's Today Show, Joe said, "It's been a pretty big week. It's been amazing. Marrying Nick off to Priyanka, it's been fantastic. Obviously, this has been one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen and to be a part of it was a dream."

"I was the best man and I had a lot of responsibilities," Joe said. "But mostly, it was trying to figure out what and where to be at different times and kind of collecting, he had about 12 groomsmen, so a lot of wrangles."

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Earlier on Thursday, Joe posted on Instagram a photo of the happy couple at their Christian wedding ceremony with the caption, "Super Married! I Love You Both! Welcome to the Family Pri! Congratulations! My face hurts from all the smiling this week."

"The Sangeet is a beautiful Indian tradition, a few days before the wedding, where you put on a performance," Joe said on the Today show. "And they have the most incredible performers in her family and a lot of friends and family that are Bollywood stars, so for us to go out there and think we know what we're doing, even though we had some songs that we could sing from our past, there still was a lot of dancing that we were trying to pick up in a week's time...They definitely crushed us. They won the Sangeet."

Meanwhile, Joe and fiancée Sophie Turner are expected to wed next year.

"I definitely took some notes but that week was all about them, just celebrating the two of them, and that's what it was about for us, and experiencing it and looking back and you're just in awe," Joe said on the Today show. "My time will come but I'm thrilled for the two of them."