The Jonas Brothers with J-Sisters
The Jonas Brothers with J-SistersInstagram

The Jonas Brothers are going all out with the promotions of the band. However, they do have enough time to squeeze in their better halves in their daily duties of being rockstars. Ever since the brothers reunited, they have been setting new numbers in music charts and even raking in more love than what they had a few years ago. After the pre-release of songs such as Sucker, Cool, the guys did release the full album. Turns out Nick and Joe have penned down songs for their wives, Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner respectively.

Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas both told Apple Music about how they have dedicated songs for their wives. Turns out the song 'I Believe' from the album is a love letter from Nick to Priyanka. He said, "And this song is a love letter to my wife," he told Apple Music and further added, "I'm so excited to play it on tour."

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To this even Joe added, "We listened to it a lot on your bachelor party. It sounds even better by the beach." If you calculate, Nick and Priyanka got married last year in December. This means that his bachelor's party took place somewhere in November which means that the song has been out for about seven months. Wow, they sure managed to keep a secret for such a long time.

Nick is not the only one who wrote a song and dedicated it to his better half. Even Joe Jonas dedicated a song to his now-wife, Sophie Turner. "This is an important song," said Joe Jonas and further added, "I wrote it for my significant other, Sophie, and it's one of those love letters that you write to your partner saying, 'I'll be there no matter what.'" Everybody knows that Joe and Sophie surprised the world by getting married in Las Vegas right after attending the Billboard Music Awards. On the same, Joe even told, "We had to do a legal marriage before we did a real big one."

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The album is out and fans can listen to it on Apple Music! As for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, they will be tying the knot yet again in an extravagant ceremony in France.