Teresa and Joe Giudice
Teresa and Joe GiudiceReuters

The latest cheating scandal involving "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Joe Giudice has once again given rise to speculation on the validity of his relationship with wife Teresa, who is currently serving time in Danbury.

Rumours of Joe's infidelity has been around for years, and the latest scandal involves Joe's alleged affair with Jamie Jackson, a blonde model and cocktail waitress with whom he was involved in November 2014. They allegedly hooked up again two weeks later after their initial rendezvous.

Both Joe and Jackson have denied the hook ups.

Although Teresa is aware of the recent allegations, she has decided to stay by her husband, at least for now. A Radar Online source revealed that the two had a heated conversation, but she did not ask him about the latest round of allegations.

"She just told him to lay low and not attract any press. She is in total denial that Joe cheated on her before she went to prison," the source said. "Typical Teresa, she didn't want to talk about the cheating allegations, insisting Joe didn't do it. Teresa is saying she won't even bother to ask Joe about it and blames the haters for the whole thing."

Teresa reportedly wants to go on pretending that her life is perfect and that her husband would never stray. But it appears that only she believes Joe when he says he hasn't cheated on her. Although the family is standing by Joe publicly, they don't believe he has been faithful to his wife , reported Radar Online.

Meanwhile, a "friend" of Joe's has come out with shocking claims, alleging that Jackson is just one among Joe's many hook ups, and the united front Joe and Teresa have been putting on is just an act.

"Jamie is not the only girl out there. Joe probably has a dozen mistresses out there, if not more! Joe is always going out and is rarely home. He loves to go out and drink and party, and he's always hanging around with different women," said the source. "Joe has never changed his ways, and Joe will never change—ever."