A high alert has been sounded in the Jammu region after a suspected drone was found hovering over the highly sensitive Jammu Airport in the Satwari area of  Jammu and Kashmir.

Reports said that a suspected drone was detected by the Air Traffic Control (ATC) radars near Jammu airport. Within minutes after detecting the drone, an alert has been sounded in Jammu city and adjoining localities. The security forces have been put on high alert after the suspected drone detection.

Initial reports said that the drone movement was spotted at a two-kilometer aerial distance in the area where the ATC radars detected it. Subsequently, an alert was sounded after the drone's detection.

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An alert has also been issued for the Jammu Airport and the Indian Air Force station near the airport.

The first-ever drone attack was carried out at Jammu airbase on June 27, 2021

Two low-intensity blasts took place inside the technical area of the Air Force Station in Jammu within a five-minute gap on June 27, 2021.

The terrorists used two drones to attack the Air Force base in Jammu on June 27, 2021. The bomb blasts occurred in the premises of the technical area of the Jammu airbase. The two blasts were heard within a gap of five minutes, the first blast sound is captured on the CCTV at 1.37 am while the second at 1.43 am on June 27, 2021.

It was the first time such a drone attack has been carried out against the country's defence establishment. The IAF patrol team saw the ammunition being dropped.

Pak-controlled drones again spotted near Jammu airport

The drone dropped the bombs at a location close to the Helicopter hangar. The IAF suspected that these attacks were intended to target the strategic assets of the Indian Air Force located inside the airbase. However, the forces managed to intercept and thwart the second attack minimizing the damage successfully.

Pak using Chinese drones for terror activities

Senior officers of Jammu and Kashmir Police disclosed that Pakistan is using China-made drones to drop weapons for the use of terror groups in the Union Territory. Dropping weapons by drones is a new strategy by Pakistan and forces have taken strict measures to counter this.

Security forces have recovered consignments of weapons like AK 47 riffles, MO4, pistols, and grenades which were dropped through Pakistani drones.