Narendra Modi election rally
Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an election rally.IANS

Narendra Modi ended his speech at Srinagar's Sher-i-Kashmir Stadium. He paid his tribute to the martyrs who lost their lives fighting militants, who attacked Army camps on Friday.

3:18pm Modi: I promise to end the poverty and corruption. Vote for our candidates and help us bring development to the valley, by getting rid of family rule.

3:15pm Modi praised the police force for their effort in saving people caught up in the flood this year.

3:12pm Modi: We need to fight against corruption, our worst enemy. We need to fight against poverty.

3:10pm Modi: I will make your dreams mine. I will direct my government towards the betterment of the people here.

3:08pm Modi: I came here after the tragedy hit the people of this state. I came here to free you from the pain all of you were in. I was overwhelmed with the love and trust you showered on me back then.

3:07pm Modi: When the state was hit by flood earlier this year I have seen "the state ministry was sleeping."

3:06pm Modi: I have come with an agenda of development. There should not be any discrimination. Every family should be treated equal, every family should get what they deserve. Only equality can bring in development.

3:04pm Modi: The education system in Kashmir should be such that the daughters from Kashmir do not need to leave the state for higher studies.

3:02pm Modi: We need to bring the tourism industry back to India. Kashmir has the power of water. The water from this state can provide electricity to the nation.

3pm Modi: I want every poor family to get food to eat. No one must sleep without eating.

2:59pm Modi: We have to take Kashmir back to its old days when everyone from around the world used to visit the valley to see the Dal Lake. We want the beauty of the Dal Lake back.

2:58pm Modi: Your pain is my pain. Your troubles are my trouble.

2:57pm Modi: I will carry on Atal Bihari Vajpayee's development strategies. Atal ji had talked about humanity, Kashmiriyat, about the development of the state. I will take his dreams forward with me.

2:56pm Modi: I have not come here to take any thing, you have given me enough love. I don't know how will I return your love.

2:55pm Modi: I have come to your valley every now and the. I came after winning the general elections, I have come after and I will keep coming the next year as well.

2:54pm Modi: There was a time people from all over the nation came to visit the valley. 

2:53pm Modi: Will return your love in the form of development. 

2:51pm Modi welcomed the people who has gathered in the Sher-i-Kashmir Stadium to attend PM's rally.

2:50pm Modi is introducing the candidates contesting the assembly elections from different constituencies in Jammu & Kashmir.

Modi has now reached the Sher-i-Kashmir Stadium in Srinagar to address the election rally.

12:52pm Modi ends his speech after introducing the candidates contesting from Samba constituency.

12:51pm When BJP will come to power in J&K, the 30 years' loss will turn into gain. We will bring development in the state.

12:50pm Modi: I come here to share the love and pain of the people of the valley.

12:48pm Modi: In the earlier days, it was declared that PM would visit the valley. But ever since I came to power, I have visited J&K frequently. I will keep re-visiting.

12:47pm Modi: I request you all to bring BJP government in Jammu & Kashmir. I want no division of states or boundaries.

12:39pm People of Jammu & Kashmir need development, basic facilities, jobs and education. 

12:36pm A government cannot be partial to some and unfair to others, says Narendra Modi. He promises development in return of getting BJP to power in Jammu & Kashmir.

Security has been tightened in Jammu and Kashmir as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to address his first election rally in Srinagar on Monday afternoon. 

Modi will hold a rally in Sher-i-Kashmir Stadium, and all the routes that reach the venue have been sealed. While helicopters are taking aerial rounds of the venue, over 4,000 security personnel from state and central forces have been deployed in and around the stadium.

"We are taking no chances with security on the prime minister's visit to Srinagar today especially in the wake of last Friday's terror attacks in the Valley," a top official of the J&K's security grid told IANS.

However, ahead of the rally, Modi will visit the Badami Bagh cantonment headquarters of the army's 15 corps in Srinagar to pay homage to the martyrs who lost their lives fighting the terror attacks on Friday.

"The Prime Minister will begin his Srinagar visit by paying homage to the martyrs of the army who laid down their lives fighting the terror attack at Mahura camp in Uri last Friday", a local BJP leader said.

The terror attacks on 5 December killed 21 people and eight Army personnel, while 10 others were injured. Militants, armed with AK-47 rifles, shotguns, and grenades, attacked an Army camp, police check post and at three places where security personnel had gathered.

The attacks have come amidst the ongoing assembly polls in the state, where BJP is trying to establish its stronghold in this election.

In the five-phased assembly election in Jammu and Kashmir, two phases of voting is already over and the third one is scheduled for Tuesday, 9 December, while two more are scheduled for 14 and 20 December.