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Actor Jishnu Raghavan has cleared the rumours surrounding his picture, which has been circulated virally in social media platforms. He has now come up with a confirmation that the picture was taken by some hospital staff in January this year.

The picture features Jishnu at a hospital, surviving on medical supports and was posted with a message that the actor is stricken with cancer, caused by heavy smoking.

"Hi friends.... the pic thats floating in the social media is an old one taken after my first surgery in jan.. a mischief by some hospital staff as nobody else had access to ICU... it is sad someone had to spread such a horrible picture creating unnecessary confusion.... i am still on treatment but will be back to work soon... love you all...," said Jishnu on his Facebook page

The news of Jishnu fighting cancer came to light in February when he posted on Facebook about the completion of a successful surgery. He wrote that the cancerous tumour was removed and that the complete recovery would take six months.

Jishnu is the son of veteran Malayalam actor Raghavan and had made his debut as a child artist in the 1987 film, "Kilipattu".

Later, he made debut as a lead in "Nammal" (2002), directed by Kamal. His performance in the film won him Mathrubhumi Film Award and Kerala Film Critics Award for Best Male Debut.

Since then, he went on to do nearly 20 films. The actor is currently awaiting the release of his Hindi film, "Traffic", which is the remake of its Malayalam namesake.

Meanwhile, actors Prithviraj, Indrajith and director Rajesh Nair came strongly against spreading wrong information regarding Jishnu's health and clarified that he is in good health.

"There is a photograph of my friend Jishnu, the actor, being circulated on the Internet. I'd like all of you to know that the photograph in contention here is from a while ago (Jan 2014) to be precise, when he was still undergoing treatment and was in the intensive care. I have spoken to him today and I can assure you that he's home, recovering and in high spirits. And to the person who had the bright idea of taking such a picture on his/her phone and circulating it and fuelling rumours that even amounted to Jishnu no longer being with us...SHAME ON YOU...WHERE IS YOUR SELF RESPECT??? Here's wishing Jishnu a full and speedy recovery.Looking forward to working with you buddy," wrote Prithviraj on his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Indrajith urged to ban mobile phones at Intensive Care Units in hospitals to avoid repeating such incidents.

"There is a pic of Jishnu circulating online with news that he is in ventilator and serious n even more! Its just a fake news and the pic was clicked a few months bak after his operation.. i just spoke to him and he is fine n healthy! Whoever clicked that pic needs a steady whack and its high time hospitals start banning phones inside ICU's and operation theatres. Lets all pray for a complete recovery for Jishnu! Love u buddy," said Indrajith.

Director Rajesh Nair, who is also a close friend of Jishnu, disclosed that he is in good health and the team is now planning for a joint venture.

"At Jishnu Raghavan's house. The picture circulating on the FB and whats app was an year old one taken by a staff of the hospital where he was admitted for surgery. He has been undergoing cancer treatment for the past one year! Sitting with him now.... we are discussing a script we will be doing together soon!!"  said Rajesh Nair