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Jiah Nafisa Khan's family has found a six-page note written by the late actress which would bring out a clear picture of her emotional state before she took the extreme step.

The note that appeared to have been written recently said, "By the time you will be reading this letter, probably by then I won't be there in this world."

She also revealed in the note that she had undergone a medical procedure and also spoke of a Goa party.

The candid note, which is not addressed to anyone, further said, "You have cheated me... I trusted the relation... You didn't care about the relation."

The handwritten note was found by Jiah's family while rummaging through her writings since she was into writing poems.

A photocopy of the letter is to be handed over to the police on Saturday. The letter would be then sent to handwriting experts to validate whether the letter was written by the actress.

A source close to the family told Daily News Analysis, "She also said in the letter that she spent a lot of money on the person."

"She was depressed due to the difficult relationship with the person she was in love with. Perhaps, her first suicide attempt was also due to the relationship and she may have taken the step after the medical procedure she said she underwent," the source added.

Meanwhile, Jiah's family came out in defense of the 25-year-old actress. "Reports that my daughter was depressed because of work is all rubbish. She was fine, she was sincere, pure and not manipulative at all. She could not stand lies," her mother Rabiya told Times of India.

Jiah's sister Kavita, who landed in Mumbai on the night of her sibling's death, said, "She was very happy, she even told me she got a film and that I should not tell mother since she wanted to break the news to her. We spoke for hours and before I took off from London we kept sending each other smileys. She was very happy. All this stories about depression is utter rubbish. We would've known if she was depressed she was really happy. We are a very close family."

In a direct disapproval of Jiah's relation with Sooraj Pancholi, Rabiya added, "Deception and lies from the only one she loved the most. I am not being revengeful but telling the truth she fell for a wrong guy."

Ruling out the work depression angle of the suicide, Jiah's sister Karishma said, "It was love that came first and work later. It is sad that the person she confided in and was looking for approval only broke her self esteem."

"Did the police only found three messages? I am sure something mean must have been told to her for her to take that drastic step. There were six missed calls from Suraj after she passed way."

The enraged sibling further said, "...if Suraj really cared he could have helped us in the various rituals that took place. He should've been here with us and not hiding in guilt somewhere."

Meanwhile, Aditya Pancholi lashed out at media saying his son was made a scapegoat and tried to look like a 'villain' in the suicide case.