Sometimes a time recovering and resting can transform the way you look at the world. Jhon-Jhon Ventura suffered with COVID-19, like so many people across the planet. While recovering in isolation, it was a period of reflection on his permanent makeup business. Lying in bed recovering from this awful pandemic that has blighted the lives of so many people became a time to stop and think. When you can't leave the house, you often can't do much but think about your place in the world.

A first-generation Filipino-American was inspired to start his business after seeing his grandmother go through aggressive chemotherapy.

He has helped people with scars, burns and many more to regain their self-confidence and feel amazing about how they look. And his business was moving along nicely in the years before COVID. The Jhon-Jhon Institute has given training and teaching to thousands of people since 2007, the company claims. But, contracting the virus set him back some way, forcing him to take time out of the business and take stock. With restrictions on the beauty industry concerning face-to-face contact at times, it has been a difficult year, in the same way, it has for many people.

But the time recuperating has gotten him determined to come back stronger than ever, he claims.

Coming Back Bigger and Better Than Ever!

As he spent the time recovering, he building a dream of a new empire in his head. But they say that a dream without a plan stays a dream forever.

Taking his business to the next level has become his life's work. And the mission of helping more people to feel good about the way they look, maintain their beauty and go out into the world with confidence is a noble one.

"The more people we can help, the better the world will be," he says.

He is in the process of expanding into other territories such as Miami Beach, FL! All of this takes time, energy and cash. He is looking for investors to join him on this journey.