A private diagnostic centre at Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) in Ranchi, Jharkhand, botched up a blood test and declared a woman HIV positive. She was later found to be HIV negative in two other tests conducted at different pathological labs.

The woman, 45-year-old Bishmani Devi, had on 3 December consulted a doctor at RIMS for fever and later went for some blood tests, including HIV, to Medall Diagnostic Healthcare Limited's lab within the hospital campus.

She received her test report on 5 December and found out that she had been diagnosed HIV positive. "Scared" and unsatisfied with the report, Devi had another test in RIMS' in-house microbiology lab, where the result was HIV- (negative), according to Hindustan Times.

Still unsure, Devi got the test done for a third time at another lab and the result was negative this time too. "I didn't trust them either and went to another private lab. That report also was negative," she said.

Jharkhand health department signed a contract with Medall and SRS Diagnostic Limited as the RIMS alone was unable to carry out the tests for several districts in the state. Both the private labs have been given the responsibility of 12 district hospitals each.

However, Medall diagnostic lab at RIMS has botched the test for the second time, according to Hindustan Times.

Head of Department (Medicine) at RIMS Dr JK Mitra has said that the hospital will raise the issue with Jharkhand State Aids Control Society.

"I will write to the Jharkhand State Aids Control Society to take action against the lab," he said.

Meanwhile, RIMS Director Dr BL Sherwal said that Medall is just operating from the campus of the hospital, which is not responsible for the lab.

"We have just provided them space. I rather suggest patients to get their tests done at our laboratories that handled HIV testing," said Sherwal.