After successful "Rana Vikrama," Pawan Wadeyar is back with romantic-comedy movie "Jessie," which hit the screens Friday, March 25. The movie stars Dhananjay, Parul Yadav and Raghu Mukherjee. Sumalatha, Subha Belawadi, Ramakrishna, Sadhu Kokila and others play supporting characters.

So far, Pawan Wadeyar's films ("Govindaya Namaha," "Googly," and "Rana Vikrama") have been big hits at the box office. Especially, his romantic-comedy "Googly" with Yash had turned out to be a big hit at the box office. As a result, people have pinned high hopes on this Kannada flick.

"Jessie" has Anoop Seelin's music, which has won a lot of appreciation from the audience. Arul Somasundaram has handled the cinematography, while Suresh Arumugam has edited the movie.

The movie tells the story of a Christian boy played by Dhananjay falling in love with Hindu girl named Nandhini (Parul Yadav). It is an unusual story that explores the role of religions. In short, the tale is about how our feelings change when religion comes into play.

Nandhini is a doctor by profession and the most beautiful girl in Malgudi. She is being wooed by Jessie, who successfully wins her heart. The story takes a surprising twist once she falls in love with him and it becomes a different genre film in the second half. What happens next is the best part of the flick.

The movie has been appreciated for its narration. People have praised the surprising factors in the Kannada movie and have welcomed the scary love triangle. The lead stars' performance with Chikanna's hilarious acts are the other highlights of "Jessie." Find their response to the flick here: wrote: #Jessie #Terrific 1st half with kickass interval twist. @Dhananjayaka & @TheParulYadav at their best! Visual treat from @PavanWadeyar & team. posted: #Jessie 1st Half, Decent Fare so Far. #Chikkanna's Comedy was Very Good. Interval Bang was Interesting.
Though the Storyline has been seen in Many Kannada Movies before, #Jessie is an Enjoyable Fare. Worth watching Once. Our Take 3/5
Commendable Performances by @Dhananjayaka, @TheParulYadav, @RaghuMukherjee & @sumalathaA. They lived their respective Characters perfectly
#Jessie - Good Enjoyable Horror Thriller. KFI is Producing these Genre Movies more often Now. BGM by @AnoopSeelin is the Main Plus Point

Suresh Kumar Jain tweeted: #jessie starts with malgudiya song.. With awesome backdrop.
@PavanWadeyar en twist guru interval ge.. Full shock aythu #jessie.. Eagerly waiting for 2nd half..

S Shyam Prasad posted: Interval. Shocking twist. Raghu Mukherjee character named Shyam Prasad!
Romantic horror! Well made. This kinda story in Jessie was unexpected. Pavan Wadeyar has rephrased a known story. But enjoyable

Priyanka tweeted: Pawan Wadeyar has a surprising story in his hand. #Jessie. Dint expect to get such a twist.....
#Jessie has an ordinary story with extraordinary execution.
#Jessie has some fine performance from lead actors...technically..Anoop's music rocks.

Mahesha Uppi tweeted: Watched #Jessie in Krishna theatre finally @dhananjayaka got a victory for his talent simple love story @pavanwadeyar created differently.

Chandan tweeted: #jessie disappointed. One tend to except something from @PavanWadeyar movies. Screen play could have been better.
Loved @TheParulYadav

RJ Nethra tweeted: #Jessie- one story in recent times that makes me NOT wanting to reveal even a gist of it! Watch yourself to know why and yeah... zip it!!
Don't go by his chocolate looks.. He's gonna make you jump off your seats in #Jessie! Culprit? @PavanWadeyar!
Unusual love story + great cinematography + Pawan's masala twist in the tale.. that's #Jessie for you.. #TGIF
#Jessi stunning visuals beautiful entertainer @Dhananjayaka @TheParulYadav @PavanWadeyar @RJNethra @radiocityindia