The latest season of Marvel's "Jessica Jones" is all set to air on Netflix and episode 1 of the series titled "AKA Ladies Night" has revealed a number of interesting facts regarding the first season and possible plot of the upcoming seasons.

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According to Hypable, there are three major revelations made in the first episode of season 1 as following:

The archenemy, Killgrave, is horrifying

David Tenant is playing Kilgrave, the archenemy of Jessica, in the series and like his comic book counterpart, his character is terrifying. Kilgrave is an evil, psychologically disturbed person who is good in manipulation techniques. He was the reason for Jessica to quit fighting crime in the omic book.

Even though not much is revealed about Kilgrave in the first episode, it will undoubtedly be interesting to see how the character develops in the later episodes of the series.

Something is going on between Jessica and Luke

Before appearing in his own solo series, Luke Cage's character is introduced in the first episode to keep the series in sync with the comic books where both of them are close friends.

Both Jessica and Luke have suffered through similar torment in their childhood and hence, are able to understand each other. It will be interesting to see how the relationship between two of them unfolds in the later episodes.

'Jessica Jones' emphasises on feminism issues

Besides Jessica, there are a several other strong female characters in the series. 

Carrie Anne Moss is playing the character of Jerri Hogarth that was a male character in the comic book. Apart from her, Rachael Taylor is playing Trish with whom Jessica has a complicated relationship. Lastly, there is Erin Moriarty who is playing Hope. By the end of the first episode, viewers will definitely want to know more of her character.