Jessica Biel (Reuters)
Jessica Biel (Reuters)

Rumours of Jessica Biel being pregnant started gaining traction last week when the actress was spotted sporting what looked like a baby bump.

The actress' photo was snapped in Sydney, Australia, where she was vacationing. And if the news of her being pregnant turns out to be true, then this would be Timberlake and Biel's first child. The couple will celebrate their second wedding anniversary on 19 October.

This news comes amidst reports that Timberlake has been unfaithful to his wife, which has put a strain on their marriage.

In September, shocking photos emerged of Timberlake dancing and canoodling with Zenya Bashford, his backup singer, at a nightclub in Paris.

"It was definitely more than friendly," an eyewitness alleged, according to HollywoodLife. "They were dancing in a way that no married man should ever dance with someone who is not his wife."

In one photo, Timberlake has his hand on Bashford's neck, and in another his hand is on her lower back while she has her arms wrapped around his neck.

While Biel did not comment on the photos, the insider claimed that she was sure to "hit the roof." "Jessica is no fool," the insider added. "She knows she has to keep an eye on Justin. She's noticed that he's friendly with a lot of his backup crew but she's been especially suspicious of Zenya."

At the time it was also claimed that Timberlake and Biel were having trouble starting a family, and this has added more tension between them. "They've been trying to conceive for a couple of months now, and she told Justin she's going to see a fertility expert," a source told OK! Magazine, reported HollywoodLife. "She has no problem using technology, if that's what it will take to have a baby and stick this marriage out."

News of a rift between the two starting swirling around early this year, and Timberlake's grandmother in February that all's not well between the couple.

"They are married but they are so busy, both of them, it's hard going," Sadie Bomar was quoted as saying by the Mirror. "They do love each other dearly but they are apart so much it's going to be hard going for them. I think Jessica finds that really tough. She's on her own a good deal."

"If he's not coming back at night that puts a strain on things, of course it does. It's hard to keep it all going but you have to have faith to keep it all going," she said.