HyunA and E'Dawn
HyunA and E'Dawn are part of the project group Triple H together with HuiInstagram/cube_triple_h

Korean-American rapper/singer Jessi has shared her honest thoughts on South Korean singer HyunA dating rookie boy band Pentagon member E'Dawn. The two received severe backlash after it was revealed that they were romantically involved for the past two years.

During a recent Instagram live session, Jessi, a close friend of HyunA, extended her support to the couple. She said: "Everyone can date whoever the f**k they want, okay? We're not little children. Doesn't matter if you're an idol."

"They do have a little bit of an image, but she's old enough to date whoever the hell she wants. And the fact that she came out and said she's dating whoever, let her date him," she shared.

Jessi went on: "Let them be happy! Let people be happy, please! I just want people to let people be happy. Sometimes people want people to fail and sh*t... It's so sad. Ya'll are so f**king sad and sh*t."

Following the backlash from Korean fans, Cube Entertainment announced that E'Dawn would not be participating in the fan club event Unbirthday (Pentagon's Private Class) scheduled for 11 August in South Korea. He will also not attend the boy band's first fan meeting in Japan on 18 August. Adding on, HyunA, E'Dawn and Yan An, will not be a part of the upcoming Incheon K-pop Concert 2018 (INK Concert).

After the dating news broke out, HyunA and E'Dwan's description of ideal type is receiving attention.

In 2014, during the broadcast of KBS Cool FM's Lee So Ra's Music Plaza, HyunA revealed her ideal type. She said: "I don't have a particular ideal type, and I like someone who I can connect with. I am the style to have to know someone for a long time to like him, so I like someone who gets along well with me."

Jessi has shown her support to HyunA dating EDawnInstagram/jessicah_o

Adding on, during an episode of Mnet's Pentagon Maker in 2016, Wooseok designed an ideal type t-shirt for Hui and E'Dawn. Woosuk said: "Dawn hyung loves sexy girls. He likes a girl with a cat face." He then started drawing E'Dawn's ideal type - big cat-like eyes, high nose, and the mole under the eye, which strongly resembled HyunA.