Jennifer Winget
Jennifer Winget at a shoot.Jennifer Winget/ Instagram

Ever since news of Jennifer Winget and Karan Singh Grover's divorce surfaced, the actress has found herself amid dating rumours. While most would be disgusted at the lack of sensitivity, Winget chose to tackle the speculations with grace and dignity.

After she was linked with co-star Gautam Rhode, there were reports that she was seeing her Dill Mill Gaye co-star Sehban Azim. Winget told the Deccan Chronicle that they were just friends and know each other for quite a few years.

"Come on ek ladka ladki dost ho sakte hai yaar (a guy and girl can be friends). I have known him since the Dil Mil Gaye days and have been friends with him ever since. Why are people making it a big deal?," she asked.

Winget is one of the few stars who is at peace with herself. She has hardly ever overreacted to such rumours and has dealt with personal crisis like an adult.

The television star believes that her past has helped her grow and made her the way she is today. She is grateful for all those who have been a part of her life, but, for whatever reasons, have drifted away. "After all isn't that what life is all about? Put these experiences in your bag, have a smile on your face, and walk ahead," Winget elaborated.

She also aced the frequently-asked question: will you ever be friends with Grover? Even though she is not friends with her ex-husband, Winget doesn't mind the idea.

"I am not in touch with Karan but I don't mind being friends with him. We have shared a lot at one point. Every person has good and bad qualities but I choose to focus on the good. Even I have flaws, so why not?," she said.