Jennifer Lopez
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Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Casper Smart have finally called it quits.

While some reports suggest that the couple separated two weeks ago, other reports say that that they headed to splitsville a month ago.

"Whether there is any truth to what is being reported or not, it's irrelevant. Jennifer did not trust him," a source told E! "The relationship had not been right for a while. Smart was never going to be the love of her life, but he was fun and a nice guy to be around. It stopped being fun once his friendships with other people started to come to light."

The couple was last seen together at the Billboard Music Awards on May 18. Lopez even went ahead and thanked Smart during her acceptance speech.

The reason for their spilt is said to be Smart's disloyalty towards Lopez. He was apparently caught sexting a transsexual, who he is said to have met on social media. However, Smart has denied the allegations.

Despite the cheating allegations, it is being said that Smart had positive influence on Lopez after the latter broke-up with Marc Anthony.

"Smart was a good distraction post-Marc [Anthony]. He was good to her. He was meant to be easy and fun, and when that was gone, she didn't want to be in the relationship anymore," the source said.

The two have decided to stay friends post the split.

"It wasn't an easy decision, but they decided to stay friends," another source told Us Weekly. "Their relationship couldn't work with the distance. He started trying to establish his own life and career, and she is so focused on hers, and they just couldn't be all about each other anymore."

Meanwhile, Lopez is busy promoting her 10th album, "A.K.A.," which she recently performed for the first time at the borough of The Bronx.

Lopez is a mother to 6-year-old twins Emme and Max. The children are from her ex-husband  Anthony. The "American Idol" judge has also dated Oscar-winner Ben Affleck and was also in a relationship with music mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs.

Regarding her series of romance and splits, Lopez once told InStyle magazine that she cannot stay alone

"Look, I don't love being alone. I don't. I can't beat myself up for that. What I have to do is figure out why I don't like it. Why am I not OK being alone? And can I ever be OK facing that?" Lopez said.

"In the past, love for me has always meant forever, and sure, you still nurse some of those fantasies, but I don't try to force it anymore. I hung on to my fairy-tale ideals for a long time. But where I am now, what I've been through, there are no rules," she added.