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Jennifer Lopez shared a peek at how she managed to look so stunning while walking the catwalk in her iconic palm dress at Milan Fashion Week.

The "Hustlers" star had made a few alterations to her iconic look, that made it all the more daring and gorgeous. She may have even taken a spill and risked a wardrobe malfunction, but Jennifer Lopez killed it.

Reportedly, the beloved singer-actress-dancer posted an engrossing teaser to the extended BTS clip, showing the prep that went into making this fashion moment even more iconic than the first.

She captioned the teaser, which is titled 'Walking in Versace' saying: 'A moment in time... ✨What an amazing few days in Milan. Now I get to take you guys along for the bts BEFORE & AFTER the catwalk.'

Reportedly, Jennifer Lopez earned a standing ovation from onlookers as she recreated one of her most famous red carpet looks at the Versace Spring/Summer 2020 presentation during Milan Fashion Week. Jennifer Lopez looked stunning in an updated version of the iconic dress. The dress was still green and plunging, but a few alterations helped Jennifer Lopez show off a lot more skin and her toned legs. 

Jennifer Lopez
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Reportedly, the display came as Versace officially marked 20 years since the original dress appeared on the runway, and Jennifer was later joined on the catwalk by designer Donatella Versace.

"My life and career are about not letting people put me in their box," Lopez recently told EW during an interview for a digital cover story on Hustlers. "I can do many things, and you don't get to tell me what those are. I am the only person who dictates that."

We have to say that Jennifer Lopez looked good on the runway as well as behind the scenes preparing for it. Jennifer Lopez is stirring up a lot of Oscar-buzz for her role in "Hustlers." In the movie, Jennifer Lopez plays a stripper, and if the trailer and the title are to be believed, stripping is not the only thing JLo gets up to in the movie. You can check out the video here: