Diddy left a flirty comment on Jennifer Lopez's Instagram postEthan Miller/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly feeling flattered after former boyfriend, rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs left a flirty comment on her recent Instagram post. The 49-year-old artist posted a picture of herself baring her abs on social media and modeling her activewear for Niyama Sol.

She captioned the image: "Day 9 and feelin'... like I can't wait for Day 10. Who's still with us? @arod #10DayChallenge #NoSugarNoCarbs@niyamasol #niyamasol #jloxniyamasol"

Following that, her current boyfriend Alex Rodriguez wrote, "Lucky me."

Jennifer and Diddy dated for two years before calling it quits in 2001.  A source told Hollywood Life: "Jen is flattered by Sean's flirty comment on her social media. Jen has been working really hard on her diet, exercise and health lately so she feels really good about how she looks and is glad that her ex is taking notice.."

"However she is totally in love with her boyfriend Alex, who even told her he was going to comment back at Diddy. Jen has remained friendly with Diddy over the years since they were a couple, and if the timing were different, she might feel differently about his sweet message online, but for now, she is fully invested in looking good for her man Alex," the insider added.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been together since 2017Reuters

As for the Selena star's relationship with Alex, the two have been going strong since 2017. Another source shared: "Jen and Alex know that Diddy's comments were in no way to start any feud. It was all done in fun and it's flattering to Jen that people see her hard work paying off, even when it comes to those people that she has dated in her past. She is very confident in her relationship with Alex that a playful online back and forth, as this was, isn't going to start any war or breakups. It's all in good fun."