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Jennifer Aniston is currently busy filming a comedy action film for Netflix titled 'Murder Mystery' co-starring Adam Sandler. A recent report, however, claims that while in Italy, the actress is showing off her new "revenge body" to impress her ex-husband Justin Theroux and on-off boyfriend Brad Pitt. But the claims were soon debunked.

According to New Idea, the 49-year-old Aniston is showing off a new "revenge body" to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux, letting them know what are they actually missing by not being with her. The tabloid pointed out that the FRIENDS actress was recently pictured relaxing in Italy and even asserted that even though she is almost 50 years old, Jennifer looks like half her age.

"Showing ex-husband Justin Theroux and rumored on-off boyfriend exactly what they're missing, a bronzed Jen looked stunning as she showed off her washboard abs and lithe limbs. Looking good is the ultimate revenge for Jen," the outlet declared.

The outlet also added that Jennifer talked about her wellness and fitness in a previous interview with Vogue. In her 2017 interview, Jennifer talked about bringing #FreeTheNipple movement to the masses first and talked about working out and throwing heavy boulders around, and using the rope to stay fit.

jen aniston
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux at the 89th Academy Awards.Reuters

"I started doing that when I was filming We're the Millers and I really liked it. It kicks your butt, though, so I dip in and out of that throughout the year. And then I do 45 mins of intervals on my elliptical. I raise the incline, run for two mins, walk for one, run for two. . . and I do it for 20 minutes straight until I'm just drenched," she had said.

Gossip Cop stated that the claims made by the magazine about Jen showing off her body are laughable as wearing a bikini does not mean that she is showing off her looks. Furthermore, the outlet called Justin her ex-husband and Brad has her on-off boyfriend. Fans and well-wishers of Jennifer Aniston know this that the actress has filed for divorce but it is not yet finalized. At the same time, Brad and Jennifer have not been together ever since their divorce.