Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston attends the premiere of Reuters

"Friends" actress Jennifer Aniston has been named People magazine's Most Beautiful Woman of 2016, and she attributes her youthful glow to a healthy lifestyle. This is the second time Aniston has been named the Most Beautiful Woman by People. She last received the honour in 2004.

In an interview with the magazine, the 47-year-old actress revealed that she is diligent about exercising for at least an hour each day and she is careful to avoid junk food.

"It's funny, it's a really quick transition from not a care and now all of a sudden, we've got to really be mindful of what we put inside our bodies," Aniston said. "And how we sleep and take care of ourselves. You can get away with a lot in your 20s."

Aniston's decision to pursue a healthier lifestyle early on in life was propelled by the fact that she was once turned down for a role because she was considered too chubby. At the time her diet consisted mainly of milk shakes and French fries, the actress revealed, adding that even now she indulged in her favourites, but in moderation.

"I'm not as strict as I was," she said. "It was always sort of a monitored watch. Then I thought just give yourself moderation."

According to Aniston, being married to Justin Theroux is one of the factors that helps her maintain her glow as he makes her happy in life. "He makes me laugh. He's so interesting and so interested. He's unbelievably talented in more areas than one and he's just a good man."

Aniston's hair is one of the most talked about features, and the actress revealed during the interview that she was curious to see how a shorter hairstyle would look on her. "If I knew I could instantly push it back. I'm very curious to see what I would look like with really short hair," she said, but quickly noted that she isn't daring enough to try it. "But I'll never do it. Never. I'm a long hair girl. It's like a security blanket."