If anyone's planning a secret wedding, they can definitely take clues from Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston. When the two tied the knot in a very private ceremony on Wednesday, 5 August, their guests were as surprised as the paparazzi, as they were reportedly invited to "Justin's birthday party".

However, the couple had reportedly told only a few of their close friends about the wedding. According to People Magazine, "Even chatty pals like Chelsea Handler and Howard Stern have gone dark about the festivities, and other friends were cagey."

The bride chose her best friend from "Friends", Courtney Cox, as her maid of Honour.

According to People Magazine, the small wedding was attended by 70 of the couple's closest friends. As we all know, this is not the first time that Courtney Cox has taken on the role. She eyed the job when Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) got married on the sets of "Friends". The magazine also reported that Courtney delivered her duties efficiently and was the last to leave at 3 am.

Meanwhile, the bridegroom selected his close friend Scott Campbell as his best man. 

Other guests at the wedding included Ellen DeGeneres, Chelsea Handler, Sia, Jennifer Meyer, Emily Blunt and her husband John Krasinski, actress Lake Bell and husband Scott Campbell, photographer Terry Richardson and Howard Stern.

A few photos released by TMZ shows aerial pictures of the seating area in their garden, a pastor holding a bible and the cake with puppet figurines of Justin and Jennifer.

"Jen went to great lengths to keep it all under wraps, implementing a plan of military precision; it included using an adjacent mansion as a story space for all wedding paraphernalia, which was then transported to the backyard on Wednesday afternoon," reported Daily Mail.

A source close to the couple told US Weekly that the wedding was more like a "warm house party". The guests dined on chicken, fish, sausage, fettuccine carbonara with pork and mostaccioli pasta with red sauce, another source told the magazine.

The couple was last seen in Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles. Daily Mail reported that Justin and Jennifer have gone to Bora Bora for honeymoon. They had gone there last year to celebrate their second engagement anniversary.