Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, as we all know, got married in a secret ceremony last week. While the whole wedding was a hush-hush affair, there was this one person who knew the secret — Howard Stern.

And now that everyone knows about the wedding, Stern, during his SiriusXM radio show on 10 August, doled out all the details on the couple's star-studded wedding. Stern told co-host Robin Quivers that he was one of the few people who knew that the "birthday party" was actually a wedding. "I was so nervous to talk about it. They're so secretive. The only reason I knew was because I was asked to make a speech," Stern explained to Quivers.

Apart from this, Stern also dished out details about the guest list, the couple's first dance and his speech as well.

The Guest List

The wedding as Stern mentioned, was attended by Orlando Bloom, who was seated along with Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. Also present at the ceremony were pals Whitney Cummings, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Courteney Cox, Chelsea Handler, Tobey Maguire, and Jimmy Kimmel, who officiated the ceremony, among many other A-listers. "Jimmy was the preacher. He did a beautiful job. I didn't think he'd get through it," Stern said.

Howard Stern's Speech

Talking briefly about his speech, Stern revealed that the guests found it very funny. "I'm very friendly with Justin. I like him very much. I like him, I really admire him. I even said in my speech to them that if one of my daughters brought home a guy like Justin, I'd be very pleased. Except for the s--tty tattoos. Cause he's got some f--king weird ones. And except for the fact that I gave him a journal to draw in and he draws pictures of dead zombie babies with blood dripping out their head on every almost page. 'I said, those two things might disturb me,'" Stern said.

He said that he also spoke about some personal stuff in the speech. "I complimented Justin's mother on raising such a wonderful son. I love him. I told Jennifer that she deserved a guy like this, because after all, she's been very sweet and generous with us. But Justin and his body. His abs, his ass. Look at him. I'm giddy over him!" he added.

No Cameras, No Cell Phones Were Allowed

All said and done, Stern confessed that he whined about the no-cell phone policy. He said that every one's phones were taken away on arrival. "Why can't I have my cell phone? I don't want to take a picture of you two! I really don't. I want my cell phone so after I make this speech I can call my car and get the f--k outta here! People were laughing at my misery," Stern joked, adding that the only person allowed to have a camera was Terry Richardson.

Newly-weds First Dance Was to a Sia Song

Stern also spilled the beans on the newly-weds' first dance. He said that Jennifer and Justin enjoyed their first romantic dance as a couple to Sia's live performance. "It's the first dance, Sia is singing, it's very romantic, and I see Orlando," Stern said of his new pal. "So I go, 'Orlando, first dance!' and he grabbed me so tight I thought my bones were gonna break," he laughed.

Well, it looks like Jennifer Aniston-Justin Theroux's top secret wedding was quite an event, afterall.