Jennifer Aniston has hushed up all rumours hovering over her marriage with long-time fiancée Justin Theroux. In a recent interview, though the actress didn't directly address any such gossip, she clearly sent out a message that the newly-wed's relationship is rocking and not "on the rocks".

The "Friends" actress gushed about her hubby and new-found self confidence in a tete-a-tete with the German magazine, TV Direkt (via Belfast Telegraph). "He is kind, honest, and generous and has empathy for other people... I think that's amazing!" "The fact that he also has a dry sense of humour is a big plus," the "We're the Millers" actress said.

Recently, Jen-Justin divorce rumours were running wild, claiming that "The Break-Up" actress has been feeling dumped within 21 days of her wedding. But, in the latest interaction, the actress sounded very happy and content with her relationship, slamming all haters.

"When it comes to relationships, I'm a late bloomer. But I've learnt from my mistakes, am comfortable in my own skin and have more confidence that ever. In Justin, I have met my best friend - that's the icing on the cake!" the actress elaborated.

Talking about why the couple waited for three years to tie the knot, the 46-year-old actress said, "We weren't in a rush. It's not like we felt any less close to one another just because we didn't have a piece of paper to prove we were together."

So, the next time you hear any gossip about the couple, just ignore it.