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Following the death of Ariana Grande's grandfather on July 22, Jennette McCurdy tweeted a condolence message to her "Sam & Cat" co-star, indicating that they have put their alleged feud behind them.

"My thoughts & condolences go out to the Grande family. I met Ariana's Grandpa several times. He was always kind & classy. #RIPGrandpaGrande," McCurdy tweeted.

Frank Grande, who was battling cancer, died at the age of 90.

Talks of a fight between the two stars started doing the rounds after "Sam & Cat" went on a hiatus, with people close to the show saying that McCurdy was unhappy with the alleged preferential treatment meted out to Grande.

"Jennette is upset the show is not returning but she wanted to be treated with the same respect that Ariana was being treated with and also wanted more money," a source told HollywoodLife when the cancellation of "Sam & Cat" was announced.

The source also blamed Grande's budding music career for the show's cancellation.

"The writing on the wall that the show was not returning was concrete once Ariana had a number one hit song, that was the final nail as Ariana is now in a different stratosphere in her career and will be pursuing other opportunities and worrying about her album," the source said.

Meanwhile, McCurdy appears to be trying to break out of the role of someone who youngsters look up to, and she recently posted online an open letter asking people not to consider her a role model.

"I am not a role model. I don't claim to be, I don't try to be, and I don't want to be," McCurdy wrote.

"To remove myself from the role model battle, the falsified standard set by the bubblegum industry, is - in my eyes - to remove myself from the counterintuitive battle of attempting to be something perfect while being glaringly aware of my imperfections," she added.

It is not yet clear what prompted the online rant, but many believe it stemmed from the flak that McCurdy received after she posted a semi-revealing picture on her Instagram account.

She was also at the receiving end of a lot of criticism when pictures of her in lingerie were leaked online in March. At the time it was believed that 20-year-old NBA star, Andre Drummond, who McCurdy dated briefly, was behind the leak. But he denied it.

Addressing the leaked pictures, McCurdy wrote: "To anyone disappointed: I sent those pics to 1 person. You can connect the dots. Shocked someone would stoop so low. I just speak w/ candor."