Jennette McCurdy has become the very first Tamagotchi brand ambassador. Tamagotchi is a brand of handheld digital pets that would fit in your pockets. The brand is spread worldwide and people all over the world are obsessed with their little virtual pets.

McCurdy is one of the early Tamagotchi pet adopters and has now become the very first face of the brand. It is interesting to know that the virtual pets now have a known face to represent them and McCurdy has huge connect with kids, thanks to her Nickelodean show "Sam& Cat" (now on Hiatus).

In an exclusive brand promotional video McCurdy reminisces her times when she started buying the Tamagotchi toys:

"Tamagotchis, were, for people around my age, were really, really big in pop culture," the "Sam & Cat" star said adding: "And everybody had one. All your friends love them. If you didn't have one, you weren't living."

Regarding the Tamagotchi L.i.f.e clothes, which she is seen wearing in the video she says: "They're fun and flirty and they're easy to wear, and comfortable. Every girl likes wearing a cute little outfit!"

, "I think it's super smart that Tamagotchi has their life lifestyle brand because it's a really cool way to throw back to the nostalgia of Tamagotchis and give everybody an opportunity to relive the fun of Tamagotchi and childhood and everything that Tamagotchi stands for. It's a great way to say that this is a part of me," she added. 

Moreover, the brand will also give McCurdy a great boost in image transformation, especially when it was marred by naked selfie leaks. Last month McCurdy stirred controversy, when her racy photos in lingerie went viral on web. Reportedly, the controversy also cost her the role in popular Nickelodeon show "Sam & Cat" which has gone on a hiatus post season 1 and has very dim chances of getting renewed for season 2.


Watch the video here: