Jenna Coleman
Jenna ColemanReuters

Much to the relief of her fans, Jenna Coleman has decided not to quit "Doctor Who".

Earlier, Coleman- -- who plays Clara Oswald in the show – had refused to confirm or even deny reports suggesting she would quit "Doctor Who" this festive season.

However, Mirror reports that the 28-year-old actress will not be abandoning her role as the Time Lord's glamorous assistant as she asked the show bosses if she could stay on for another series, or at least for half of it.

The next season is expected to be broadcast next autumn.

A source said: "When it came to Clara they had to tear the scripts up and start again. In the original draft of the script, she became an old woman who then died with the Doctor at her side. But after they were rewritten, she will now be seen returning to the Tardis, hand in hand with the Doctor."

Her decision has thrilled her bosses. Steven Moffat, writer and producer of the British television series "Doctor Who" and "Sherlock", was elated to hear the news as he believes that 56-years-old Peter Capaldi – who plays the Doctor in the show – and Coleman share a great chemistry.

In fact, sources say that the former "Emmerdale" actress is believed to have changed her mind as she wanted to work more with Capaldi.

The pair has worked only in one season of the show together, but has been widely applauded for their on-screen partnership, Daily Mail reports.

Recently, BBC released the official Christmas Special episode title, poster, and the trailer. It also provided the fans with a brief summary of what the upcoming episode, "Last Christmas", will offer.

BBC stated: "The Doctor and Clara face their Last Christmas. Trapped on an Arctic base, under attack from terrifying creatures, who are you going to call? Santa Claus!"

The poster of the episode also shows Santa Claus, played by Nick Frost, holding something that appears to be a tangerine.