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Businesses rise and fall. Their founders can go on serving the company or just retire to live a life without everyday huddles. But Jelly Bean founder's retirement plan is going down in history as one of the most fun ways to step down. David Klein aka Candyman is hosting a treasure hunt and there's an unbelievable prize at the end of it — keys to one of the candy factories right here in Florida.

The ever-so-popular Candyman has launched an epic Willy Wonka-like contest and winners are in for thousands of dollars in prize money. But it's safe to bet all eyes are set on one of Klein's "Candyman Kitchens" in Florida, which will be given away like candy as the mega prize.

Gold Ticket treasure hunt

Jelly Bean founder organizes nationwide treasure hunt
Jelly Bean founder organizes nationwide treasure hunt before retiring; winner gets candy factoryPikist

Founder of Fairfield, California-based Jelly Belly has launched series of golden ticket treasure hunts across the country. Klein took the effort to make this treasure hunt fun all by himself and took a road trip across the country leaving bits of treasure for the participants to discover.

There are golden tickets, which look like dog tags, in various interesting locations across the state and participants can pick an individual state and start their journey. There's a participation fee of $50 and only 1,000 participants can be a part of the treasure hunt in each state.

If you love treasure hunts, this is going to be one that you cannot miss. And it's sure to be fun, which is beside the monetary rewards. Winners of the treasure hunt get $5,000.

The grand prize, which is the candy factory, will be given to one lucky winner. That also includes an all-paid trip to a candy-making university, which will come in handy if you choose to run the factory at some point when you have met your candy cravings.

The treasure hunt starts on September 30 in Georgia. Details on other states will be announced in the following weeks and months.