Jeevan Marathe with Nana Patekar
Jeevan Marathe with Nana PatekarPR Handout

After Konatya Kshani, Aka Abol Gandh and Man He Vede, Jeevan Marathe is coming with a new Marathi single titled Udhanal Raan. The song is sung by Jeevan Marathe himself. It is melodious, romantic track. It is penned by poet Mayur Galange, and the video is going to be shot In this monsoon.

Jeevan has got many prizes in singing from several celebrities like Nana Patekar, Arjun Kapoor. He was also semifinalist in MTV Colors of Youth. He has got Chitra Padarpan Award for Mann He Vede song in Best Music Director category.

He hails from Miraj. Being good in academics also, his paper in Mathematics was published in Marathwada Mathematical Society at very young age of 11.

One of his ventures is with Anandi Joshi, which is going to be released after this project. He is working on a Hindi song as well, for which discussions are going on with Shankar Mahadevan. Jeevan Marathe's new song Udhanal Raan is releasing soon in 2019.