IBTimes Rating: 4

Overcome all your limitations in a positive manner: That will make you a successful person in life. 

The inspiring real-life story of Sudhi tells us to fight against our physical and mental limitations, and hats off to Jayasurya for taking up the challenging role of a stammerer in "Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam" (SSSV).

Director Ranjith Sankar has again been successful in making the audience feel happy with an inspiring and thought-provoking plot with a mixture of family relationships, romance and friendship.


"Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam" talks of the struggles Sudhi faces in life due to stammering. Sudhi tells his story as a flashback to actor Mukesh, who appears as himself in the film.

From his school days, Sudhi was teased by others for his struggle in communicating with others. How he overcomes his fears, limitations and failures form the crux of "SSSV".

Jayasurya, known for taking up challenging roles has once again proved his talent with his portrayal of Sudhi. Veteran actors T G Ravi and KPAC Lalitha have essayed their roles really well as Sudhi's parents, and their love despite silly fights portrays the innocent lives of middle-class couples.

Aju Varghese has been in supporting roles in many films, but his performance as Greygan in "SSSV" is different as he is seen as a mature character, capable of taking decisions in his life. As always, Sunil Sukhada, Muthumani and Irshad have done a decent job as Sudhi's personal doctor, school principal and manager, respectively.

Both Sshivada Nair and Dr Swathy Narayanan have pivotal roles in the film, but it is Sshivada who has out-shone with her character Kalyani, a speech pathologist.

Interestingly, Advaith Jayasurya, Tara Ranjith and Ranjith himself appear in cameos in the film.


P Jayachandran's "Ente Janalarikil" became a hit soon after it was released online, and is a very melodious song with beautiful visuals. "Kayamboo" song by Shweta Mohan is also noteworthy. Bijibal's background music is also excellent.

Technical Aspects

V Saajan's editing seems to be crisp with the mixture of flashback and present scenes. A special mention is required for Saritha Jayasurya for her debut as a costume designer for the heroines in "SSSV". Overall, the film is a treat with colourful visuals and cinematography by Vinod Illampally.

Final verdict

Even though "SSSV" is a predictable story, the positive vibes we get from it make it a feel-good film with a strong script and splendid performances. It is a must watch as it is sure to inspire many people who lead a depressed life thinking about their shortcomings. Do not miss this simple 2 hours 11 minutes of happiness.