Anxious supporters of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa gather outside Apollo Hospital on Dec 5, 2016.IANS

Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa's (Jayalalitha) death has apparently created a panic situation across the state, especially in Chennai.

While Jayalalithaa died at Apollo Hospital on Monday night, people started fearing riots in Tamil Nadu and attacks on the hospital.

Social media has been abuzz with the death of the Tamil Nadu CM and the situation across the state. People in Chennai have been talking about the panic situation prevailing in Chennai as commoners are fearing riots as Jayalalitha is dead now.

Renowned personality Suhel Seth took to Twitter before Jayalalithaa's demise and appealed to the supporters of Amma not to disturb law and order. "Appealing to supporters of Jayalalithaa: while we all pray for her there are common people in the hospital so please respect their state," he first tweeted.

"We need to have someone from the Tamil Nadu Government ensure the safety of the hospital and the people inside. Every life is equal," Suhel tweeted next.

Finally, he tweets: "I have never understood why there need to be riots and killings when someone passes away owing to illness. Why take away innocent lives?" Although situation in Chennai and across Tamil Nadu is normal till now, daily lives in the city has apparently went to a stand-still.

While some have been expressing fear and tension in case riots break down, some others have been saying that the busy roads in Chennai are completely deserted now. The rumours of Jayalalitha's death first started doing the rounds after AIADMK lowered the party flag at its Head Quarters. Also, some local news channels claimed that the Tamil Nadu CM passed away even before she actually died. Apollo hospital authorities later on Monday night confirmed that Jayalalithaa passed away.

Check some of the tweets where people are talking about the tensed situation in Chennai and across Tamil Nadu.