Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is surely one of the most beautiful women in the world and the hottest mommy of B-Town. The actress might be away from the silver screens now, but her popularity is still intact.

After marrying Abhishek Bachchan, and becoming the part of Bachchan family, Aishwarya has not done many movies, but have managed to make sure that the stardom stays sound. Bachchan's have been always spotted praising their Bollywood Baahu and treated her like their own daughter.

Jaya Bachchan and Aishwarya rai bachchan

Mother-in-law Jaya Bachchan has always showered love on her 'Baahu' Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, even before she became the part of the family. Aishwarya has also confessed in many interviews that she is very attached to her in-laws Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan.

Aishwarya is a 'Hands-on' mom

Not only for her values but Jaya Bachchan has also praise Aishwarya Rai for being a great wife and a loving mother. Aishwarya has been always snapped holding her daughter Aaradhya in her arms, ever since she is born. Jaya Bachchan has also complemented Aishwarya on her parenting skills and called her hands-on mom when Aaradhya was born.

aishwarya and aaradhya

In an old interview, Aaradhya Bachchan's grandmother Jaya Bachchan said, "I would also like Aishwarya to start going out, but she is an absolutely totally hands-on mum and doesn't depend on anybody, which I think is great."

Aaradhya is lucky to have a nurse like miss world Aish

aishwarya and jaya and aaradhya

Jaya Bachchan, who is immensely impressed by Aishwarya's parenting skills, went on to disclose that she sometimes teases Aishwarya and call her 'nurse'. "Sometimes I tease Aishwarya and I say Aaradhya is a very lucky girl because can you imagine having a nurse like Miss World Aishwarya!," said Jaya Bachchan, when she revealed that Aishwarya does not depend on house helps for raising her kid.

Talking about her loving granddaughter Aaradhya, Jaya Bachchan gushed that, "Aaradhya is not intimidated by faces. She is beautiful. I call her Strawberry because when she was born she reminded me of a strawberry."

aaradhya and aishwarya

"Aaradhya looks like a bit of Aishwarya and a bit of Abhishek. She's a tall girl," she added. Aaradhya's looks are constantly compared with her parents and she's pitted against the battle to match Aishwarya's beauty.