Bollywood has always emphasised on the relationship of a child and their mothers. Over the years, we have seen all kind of mothers in Bollywood. From being a sacrificing mother and to the unwed one, to the sole bread earner of the family, to the evil mothers-in-law.

In fact, the world-famous diminutive of 'Mother India' has also been derived of a blockbuster movie Mother India (1957), starring Nargis, Sunil Dutt and Rajendra Kumar. The iconic dialogues like 'Mere Pass Maa hai (Deewar)' to 'Sabke Pass Nahi Hoti Lakshman (Mai Hoon Na)' Indian Cine' Maa' has always shown the significance of mothers in a person's life.

Mothers of dharma production

While we have seen mothers in many movies, there's no competition in 'Who's the best mother' when it comes to Dharma Productions. From Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to Dear Zindagi, the nature and style of the mothers have evolved, but their love has been intact in Karan Johar's movies. Here's the list of five strongest moms of Dharma Productions:

Jaya Bachchan:

If you will ask anyone about the most iconic mother-son relationship to anyone, the love between Shah Rukh Khan-Jaya Bachchan might top the list. Jaya enthraled the audience with her simplicity and aura when she played the role of a mother in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.

jaya bachchan

From a helpless mother to standing up for what's right, the evolution of Jaya Bachchan's character in the movie was outstanding. The fact that she has motherly instincts for SRK in real life, made this mother-son duo a hit.

Amrita Singh:

Yesteryear beauty Amrita Singh has been a strong mother for her kids, since the beginning. The fact that she portrayed the role of Krish's (Arjun Kapoor) mother in 2 states so effortlessly, was somewhat the result of her real-life strength.

amrita singh

Singh was the perfect portrayal of cool and funky Punjabi Mom, who is definitely 'Broad-Minded' when it comes to her son's happiness.



Now people might now think that her name fits amid the list of such senior actresses, but let us tell you she's one hell of a mom. Be it strong dying mother Maya from 'We are Family' to the fighter mom Mandira in 'My Name is Khan', Kajol has aced every role she got as a mother. It's safe to say that she's one of the hottest mothers of Dharma Productions and surely in B-Town.

Supriya Pathak:

We usually take our mothers granted, especially when they are housewives. Supriya Pathak's innocence as a mother of Ranbir Kapoor, made every millennial realise the things our moms do to become our friends when we grow up, yet we are too naive to see that.

supriya pathak

Pathak grace the screen with her brilliant acting skills and her smile filled our hearts with love.

Ratna Pathak Shah:

Raising Boys in the twentieth century is a tough task and Ratna's role has depicted this aptly in Kapoor and sons. She played a mother to Sidharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan.

ratna pathak

Her character threw light on a crucial aspect of being a mother. As a mom, you not only have to love your child but sometimes, you also have to accept and respect them for the choices they make.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there, Dharma Production Style: