Jass Dhillon

There is nothing more satisfying than extending help to the youth struggling to settle in a foreign country.

Following this ideology, Jass Dhillon, an Entrepreneur from Winnipeg, Canada has opened up numerous avenues for the Punjabi youth aspiring to materialise their dreams of settling down in Canada.

Recently, he organized a Kabaddi Cup involving hundreds of Young Punjabis trying to create a place for themselves in Canada.

The event came with many work and entrepreneurial opportunities for the young boys and girls who interacted with people from the showbiz industry and businesses like trucking, hospitality and real estate.

"Winnipeg Kabaddi Cup 2022 was not just a platform to promote the game but it was organized to create an opportunity for the youngsters who are desperate to settle in Canada," he said.

He also shared the excerpts from his journey as an entrepreneur with the youngsters. Presently, Highway Motor Freight Limited has 110 trucks and 200 employees with a net worth of $ 50 million, which speaks volumes for him, who worked hand in hand with the obstacles that came his way.

At Highway Motors Freight Ltd looking into the best interests of the clients takes priority over everything else, he says. Every employee works towards creating and maintaining a culture that cares and serves the needs of the customers.
The company has created jobs and opportunities for youngsters who were looking for a break in the trucking business.

"Many young boys come to me and ask for my guidance to start their own business. I have always stood by them, providing them the initial support through jobs till they gain enough experience to venture out on their own," the businessman said.