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It looks like Jason Momoa and the team behind 2017's Aquaman would soon return to further explore the characters' arc and the adventurous & visually appalling underwater world. Even though Aquaman 2 won't be hitting theaters anytime soon, fans can be certain that work continues to go on behind-the-scenes. Aquaman, the first solo DC film saw Arthur Curry finally become the King of Atlantis. The film ends on a high note with the post-credits scene teasing the return of Black Manta for the sequel.

But the next Aquaman movie would likely explore more than just the villain's arc and it seems the story is currently a work in progress. Star Momoa recently spoke to Associated Press about his new Apple TV+ series See where he also offered an update on Aquaman 2. In fact, the 40-year-old actor has already pitched ideas to the executives in charge at WB and DC.

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"I'm very passionate about that, the direction of where Aquaman goes," Momoa said. "And so I went in with an idea and a pretty good layout of what I would like to do with the second one. And a lot of support, absolute, a lot of support from Warner Bros and DC. So, it'll always be a team vision, but I definitely wanted to express my passion about number two."

It must be noted that Aquaman 2 does not have a director attached yet. James Wan hasn't yet confirmed if he'd return to helm the sequel but did reveal that the DC film's second installment won't be his next project. The original film's co-writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick has been confirmed to return to pen the script. Its possible Momoa may have shared his inputs with the screenwriter or others in charge of Aquaman 2.

In an earlier interview, the actor recalled pitching ideas for the sequel while production for the first film was underway. It's apparent that Momoa has been focused on the future of his character in the DCEU. Aquaman 2 will splash theaters on December 16, 2022.