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It takes a lot of physical and mental endurance to be a skilled spy and assassin like Jason Bourne. Recently, several people got an opportunity to awaken their inner spy and the results were undoubtedly hilarious. Not surprisingly, most of them got nervous and suspicious and refused to play along.

However, there are some natural spies out there and when they got a call from a mysterious stranger who asked them to drop what they were doing and get a hotdog instead, they trusted him and were rewarded satisfactorily for their daredevilry and will to complete the mission.

In association with, Matt Damon, who is all set to reprise the iconic role of vigilante spy Jason Bourne in the next instalment of the franchise, enlists the help of unsuspecting people to execute "Bourne-like" tasks in public, feeding them directions on a burner phone while watching behind the scenes.

In the promo video, it can be seen how hilarious the whole operation went as one of the guys can be seen throwing the phone and swiftly walking away the moment he heard Damon's voice on the phone.

Nevertheless, a few of them decided to play along and decided to meet a planted courier with a manila envelope. Afterwards, they were guided to rendezvous at a secret location by Damon, who was watching and interacting with them over a headset and CCTV cameras.

Those who successfully managed to follow the orders and finish the mission, were rewarded with tickets to the premiere of "Jason Bourne" in Las Vegas. However, you won't need to get disappointed as you can win the tickets too.

Damon is currently campaigning to raise money for - an organization co-founded by Damon that is dedicated to developing and delivering solutions to the global water crisis. With as little as a $10 donation, all Matt Damon fans can enter for the chance to hang out with him at the Bourne premiere in Las Vegas and get a drink together at the after-party.

Funds raised will benefit To enter the contest, CLICK HERE.

"Jason Bourne" is scheduled to hit the theatres on July 29.