Matt Damon as Jason Bourne
Matt Damon as Jason BourneJason Bourne Wikia

The notorious rogue assassin Jason Bourne (portrayed by Matt Damon) is all set to return on July 29. Fans are eagerly looking forward to watch what new adventures await the former CIA assassin in the latest instalment, simply titled "Jason Bourne."

Bourne movies have received a cult status since the first movie in the series, "The Bourne Identity," was released in 2003.

Viewers love the thrill and breathtaking moments that confront the vigilante spy who suffers from extremely memory loss and is on a constant run from the government and several other criminal organisations who want him dead.

Though Bourne has now discovered his true identity, just because he remembers everything, doesn't mean he knows everything, and "Jason Bourne" will explore the unseen and unheard elements of his life.

The movie will hit the theatres in a few days.

Meanwhile, here are some of the most stunning moments from previous Bourne movies that left the fans mesmerised and asking for more.

In the last scene of the "The Bourne Supremacy" (2004), Bourne calls Pamela Landy while keeping an eye on the rooftop across the street. He asked her to send the "girl who ran logistics for Treadstone."

Landy, who was unaware that Bourne was watching her, asked him about the whereabouts of the girl and Bourne responded, by saying "It's easy. She's standing right next to you."

The scene proved that Bourne always has an upper hand and if he is determined to be after something or someone, nothing or no one could stop him.

In "The Bourne Ultimatum" (2007) Bourne convinced Black Briar head Noah Vosen that he was in New York City Park. When Vosen went there, he got a call from Bourne who asked him where he was.

When Vosen lied that he was at his office, Bourne told him that if he (Vosen) would have been sitting in his office, he would have faced him (Bourne) as at the time, Bourne was in Vosen's office.

Undoubtedly, it is impossible to deceive Bourne as he knows all the moves.

The iconic pen-stabbing scene in the first movie, "The Bourne Identity," is one of the scenes the franchise is known for. In this particular scene, when a CIA assassin burst into Bourne's apartment and tried to kill him with a small knife, Bourne was left with no choice other than to use a pen that was kept on a table and stab the assassin multiple times before he (assassin) succumbed.

Looking back at the action sequences in the "Bourne" franchise, fans are positive that "Jason Bourne" will also bring similar heart-stopping scenes that they have loved for almost a decade.