Jashan Vij
Jashan VijPR Handout

From toning down over 13 kg at a stretch to starting a health movement, Jashan Vij has certainly come a long way as a fashion and health expert.

Interestingly, he is now looking forward to collaborating with some of the big shots in Bollywood and holds a strong view that body transformation completely revolves around one's diet.

Says Jashan, "We all are aware that the film industry is a show business in which people seek to put forward the best version of themselves. So it's essential for every artist to maintain his health and look elegant. Only cosmetics can't get the job done, they should have good physique as well.

"I believe that people in the film industry have this responsibility of promoting good health because there are many who follow them and draw inspiration from their actions,'' added Vij, who's quite keen to collaborate with 'Udta Punjab' actor Diljit Dosanjh.

Moreover, he's all praise for Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar's fitness regime saying, "It is the result of continued good choices of eating clean and working out daily."

"The only thing that scares me is that they (actors) travel too much and managing their diet and workout becomes very hectic. They don't have any specific routine and place which makes the job very tough," he added narrating the most challenging aspects of his job.