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To lead a healthy life, it's important to be in your correct BMI. It's a known fact that a number of diseases follow when a person is overweight. Therefore, from measuring the portions of your food to fasting, people have come up with innumerable ways to lose weight. 

But dieting is not an easy task and most importantly, not everyone's cup of tea. If you keep deciding that you want to go on a diet but fail every time, there's an easier technique to lose weight-- just breathe! Yes, Japan's breathing diet can actually help you lose weight really fast.

This unique diet gained popularity after Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke followed doctor-prescribed exercises to get him relief from back pain and saw that it helped him lose 13 kg and 12 cm from the waist in just a few weeks, Cosmopolitan reported.

This 'diet' is very simple and is based on two breathing techniques. In the first one – One need to put their one foot in front of the other and needs to hold the buttocks and try to transfer the maximum of the body weight on the back foot.

One should then stand straight and breathe in slowly to a count of three while raising the arms above the head. Then exhale to a count of seven pushing all the air out of the mouth vigorously while straining the body muscles by engaging the abs.

In the second exercise, one needs to stand upright with one hand on their belly and the other on their lower back and your buttocks clenched. One needs to breathe in for three seconds and then exhale for seven seconds.

The reason why these exercise works are because fat consists of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. And when we breathe in oxygen, it reaches the fat cells and splits them into components (carbon and water). It helps in burning more fat when our body uses more oxygen.