Tokyo, Nov 04 (ANI): Strict management and warm hospitality are distinctive characteristics of Japan. AJINOMOTO Group is a global Japanese food company offering great varieties of seasonings and processed food products in 130 countries and regions worldwide. Its Vietnamese subsidiary, Ajinomoto Vietnam manufactures UMAMI seasoning - "AJI-NO-MOTO" at Bein Hao factory in Dong Nai province of Vietnam since 1991. The company operates two factories offering a large variety of best quality and safe food products that meet the Vietnamese taste. UMAMI seasoning "AJI-NO-MOTO" is made from the row materials using sugar cane molasses and cassava starch. Rice husks are the unused materials under the Vietnamese rice culture. Recently Ajinomoto Vietnam introduced biomass boiler utilizes rice husks as the carbon-neutral biomass energy source to make "stronger bio-cycle", as well as to prevent global warming. Japan is known for its warm hospitality. Yokohama, the Japan's second largest city located less than half an hour south of Tokyo has a flavor and history of its own. There are a great number of major sightseeing spots both of historical and modern, each with its own distinct characteristics that attract visitors from all over the world.