Reindeers are being trained by Dominos Japan for delivering pizzas!Reuters

On the occasion of Christmas, Domino's Pizza in Japan, plans to deliver pizzas in the northernmost Hakkaido Island using a non-traditional, eco-friendly way - yes, it's through reindeer!

This bizarre step has been taken up by this popular American pizza restaurant in order to avoid obstacles caused by the weather. The weather department have forecast extreme cold in Japan and according to Domino's, reindeer seem to be the best way to manage the delivery in the snow-filled streets. 

A press release by Domino's Japan stated that a GPS will be attached to the reindeer, which is similar to the technique used for deliveries made through bikes. Domino's is working with reindeer breeders to train them for delivery of pizzas to required destinations safely and properly. Experts are trying to find out the maximum weight these cold-resistant animals can carry and the maximum distance they can travel to for delivering the pizzas.

The press release mentions that further updates regarding this delivery mode will be published on the Domino's' Japan website on December 1, 2016.

This is not a hoax or a publicity stunt. If you still find it hard to believe, do have a look at this video:

Previously, Domino's announced that it is conducting trials to deliver pizzas in New Zealand using drones. The main motive behind using drones for delivering the pizzas is to reduce the delivery time to a span of 10 minutes. Domino's would join hands with a startup called Flirtey, which has started managing orders in New Zealand already. Domino's is likely to take more time to implement this technique as many countries have restrictions on flying an unmanned commercial aircraft.