In Japan, of the total of 47 prefectures, 13 have refused to host the final resting place of a disposal site for radioactive nuclear waste, The Japan Times reported.

A prefecture means a district under the governor. In May earlier this year,  theJapanese government announced that it would choose a host site for the burial of the radioactive nuclear waste amongst the 47 prefectures, based on scientific analysis.

A survey was conducted in late October and early November. Of the 47 prefectures, 13 said they would never accept such a facility, eight remained negative, while 24 others remained undecided. They declined to clarify their position and said they would "carefully consider the possibility." This proves that none of the prefectures welcomed the move, The Japan Times reported.

For permanently disposing of nuclear waste, the waste has to be stored in a final depository more than 300 metres below the earth's surface. The time taken for the radiation levels to fall (without posing any threat to humans and the environment) is approximately 1, 00,000 years, the report further stated.

Earlier this year, Finland became the first country to give a green signal to build a repository to dump the nuclear waste. The operations are expected to begin in 2020's.

In a multiple choice form, which the prefectures signed citing concerns, 10 said they could be 'forced to host the depository site' in exchange for government subsidies. 20 prefectures said they were particularly worried about the consequences of hosting the final nuclear waste disposal site. 17 said there were chances of earthquake and volcanic eruptions, The Japan Times report states.

Among the 13 prefectures that have refused to host the disposal site, four are home to nuclear power plants.

Fukui prefecture said "we have accepted nuclear power generation, but do not have a duty to take nuclear waste" The Japan Times reported.

Kochi prefecture which had applied for research to be conducted into whether it can host a depository in 2007 said it could not afford the depository. It has cancelled the application the same year owing to protests by local residents, the report stated.

Aomari prefecture said the government has promised the facility will not be transformed into a final depository, the report stated.