Since the lockdown began we've been seeing the reflective side of celebrities. Janhvi Kapoor had opened up about her lockdown lessons, we also have been catching glimpses of the young actress and what she's been up to. Only recently, the news broke that a staff member at her house had tested positive for the virus.

Janhvi Kapoor sat down for an interview and in it she described her experience of the lockdown. She spoke candidly about her sister, her relationship with her father, her mother, and how her movies which are now on hold are progressing.

Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor on her sister and her family

The lockdown has proved to be tough on everybody and has successfully slowed down the world. It's also given people the time to pause and reflect. Janhvi Kapoor has been doing just that. She's been active on social media since the lockdown began and she's been sharing her thoughts and experiences via the medium.

Sitting down for a conversation with Filmfare she spoke candidly on many things, and said she's been cooking, dancing and watching movies during the lockdown, she's made mango ice cream and chocolate brownies that her Dad Boney Kapoor didn't agree to try. She also spoke about Khushi Kapoor,  and how her sister is up at 3 AM at night making TikTok videos and putting on make-up. She opened up about her dynamic with her younger sister, "I am like the imbecile, immature, childish younger sister somehow. And she's the protective, sensible, independent older sister in terms of the equation. But, she takes me seriously with my work which is the only time she takes me seriously." 

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When asked about how she feels as the lady of the house since her mother Sridevi left, she says, "I don't think I am the Lady of the house because I'm very childish I think. But I think during this lockdown I am feeling like I am understanding how much people at home depend on me a lot more because I haven't been home this much at all in the past two years. So, now all of a sudden when I am keeping track of what Papa's eating, why Khushi is sleeping for so long and how they're like going to get the vegetables and they're sanitizing everything properly and what the protocol is. So I was thinking about it yesterday, if I wasn't here I wouldn't know what would have been happening here. But, they would have managed of course, but I think the responsibility has just dawned on me." 

She spoke that on the work front her films Roohi Afzana and Gunjan Saxena are ready but everything is indefinite right now. 40% of Dostana 2 has been shot Janhvi said, which is on hold. She said she's been very invested in Gunjan Saxena. Janhvi also recalled her mother as a dancer and said she'd like to recreate songs from her film Chandini and Mr India.