Jane The Virgin
Jane The Virgin season 3 episode 4 could feature Michael, Rafael's relationship; where to watch it live onlineFacebook/Jane The Virgin

The popular romantic comedy drama, Jane The Virgin, returns with another interesting episode this Monday, November 7, 9pm EST on The CW. Episode 4 is titled Chapter Forty-Eight and it will feature Michael Cordero's housewarming party.

The official synopsis for the new episode hints at troubled moments for the detective. The social gathering will turn out to be the worst instead of being the most memorable evening. The problems are likely to begin with the entry of his landlord who could inform the couple that they are being evicted for not paying the rent.

The presence of Petra's twin sister Anezka will also ruin the special evening of Jane Gloriana Villanueva. The promo shows them getting involved in a pool fight after Yael Grobglas's character pushes the female lead into water.

The antagonist will even make a bold move in the upcoming episode. She will inform her lover about what she wants to do with her shares of the hotel and this could make him suspicious about her strange behaviour.

For Rogelio de la Vega and Xiomara Gloriana Villanueva, it is time to focus on their careers. While the telenovela star tries to get some help from Rafael Solano for breaking into American television, the female lead's mother will make a new career choice. However, her loved ones will not be convinced with her decision.

Meanwhile, rumour mills are over riding a friendship between the biological father of Mateo and the detective. Click here to watch the episode live online. Chapter Forty-Eight of the romantic comedy drama will also be available online on The CW website.

Check out the official synopsis for Jane The Virgin season 3 episode 5, titled Chapter Forty-Nine, below:

Jane convinces Alba to let her read the letters from her estranged sister, but under the condition Jane doesn't reach out to her family. Rafael is starting to suspect that something is different with Petra. Meanwhile, Michael and Rafael, with the help of Jane and Rogelio, try to create a civil friendship, but it doesn't go as smoothly as everyone hoped.